Loan recall and liquidation

Loans on Astaria do not have a set end date. They end when the borrower chooses to repay or the lender decides to send a loan to recall.


Recall is the process of replacing an original lender with a refinancing lender, or ending the loan and seizing the collateral. A lender is able to send a borrower's loan to Recall after it has been active for 24 hours. A borrower can always repay their loan while in recall for no penalty.

If a lender wants to exit their position, the lender initiates a recall using an on-chain transaction through the Astaria application. Requesting a recall opens a new intent with an inclining rate auction. This auction functions the same as a traditional intent from a borrower; the only difference is that a loan's borrowing rate begins at 0% APY, and increases incrementally up to 1000% APY over 24 hours.


If no lender refinances during this period, or the borrower has not repaid the loan, the loan is presumed defaulted. This is referred to as a failed recall. The collateral is now retrievable by the original lender through an on-chain transaction.

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