Intent feed

The Intent Feed allows lenders to instantly see what terms borrowers are asking for and immediately fill loans without waiting.

Intents are loan agreement proposals that a lender may choose to fill.

It is possible to either fill a loan immediately, or watch the max interest rate tick up until it meets a desired threshold. Once a wallet has been connected to Astaria, simply click the Fill button to accept the indicated loan terms.

Using the Intent Feed to scan for loan requests is the fastest way to get your capital active.

Intents are live for 24 hours. The interest rate will increase continuously until a lender decides to accept the loan terms, or the 24 hour period ends and the intent expires. If you have the necessary funds to fill a loan, keep an eye on the feed to fill it at an attractive interest rate.

If a lender accepts the terms, the loan will execute automatically. After 24 hours, a lender can hold a recall auction.

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