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Astaria is an oracle-less, intent-based, fixed-rate lending protocol supporting unlimited loan durations for any available asset.
Astaria Intents was born from the idea that "a loan is just a swap... and then some sort of settlement happens at the end".
Every origination in Astaria v1 is an intent. The intent is a timed linear inclining rate auction with amount bounds. Borrowers sign an EIP-712 message off chain. The message is then used by the lender to fill the conditions of the auction.
How to borrow?
How to lend?
A lender will have to choose whether to submit standing offers or use the intent feed. The Intent Feed is the fastest way to deploy your capital.
How does liquidation work?
A position is sent to Recall (liquidation) when a lender believes the loan is underwater, too risky, or if they want to receive the lent capital back. In recall, Astaria automatically submits a new intent on behalf of the borrower. The borrower can either see what the market is willing to lend to them or simply repay their loan.
What are intents?
Intents are signed messages that enable users to outline their desired outcomes, permitting third parties to manage transaction creation and execution, while users maintain overall control.