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Meet the Actors

Strategists deploy vaults with a list of loan terms matched to supported NFTs. For example, a strategist may allow a 10 ETH loan with a 10% interest rate to be taken out against a specific NFT for one month. These terms can be continuously updated as markets fluctuate.

A strategist may provide their own capital to fund these loans through their own PrivateVault. Strategists for PrivateVaults bear all risks for loan defaults on their own terms, but collect all interest on provided loans.

Whitelisted strategists can deploy PublicVaults that accept funds from other liquidity providers.

To create a Vault, a strategist creates a terms sheet (a strategy) which determines the loan details a borrower has access to for a given NFT (see Loan Terms).

Strategists will compete for the most favorable terms to borrowers while ensuring their strategies' yield to liquidity providers is attractive enough to draw in capital. This competitive balance between attracting borrowers and liquidity providers ensures that Astaria's strategies will provide fair and accurate terms.