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Loan Terms

Loan terms are published by Strategists, and may be accompanied by a deadline after which they are no longer available.

Loan terms provided by strategists for borrowers are defined by the following:

  • Amount: The loan amount, denominated in the ERC20 token used by the Vault.

  • Duration: The loan duration in seconds.

  • Interest rate: The interest rate of the loan. All rates on the Astaria protocol are in simple interest and non-compounding. To convert a standard annualized simple interest rate to an Astaria-compatible interest per second value, divide by 3153600031536000 (seconds per year) and multiply by 101810^{18}.

    Example: 10%10\% interest per year is 10×1016365days10\times\frac{10^{16}}{365 days} .

  • Liquidation initial ask: The requested starting price of the Dutch auction if the collateral is sent to liquidation.

  • Should the NFT go into liquidation, the initial price of the auction will be set to this value. Note that this set is as a starting point for a Dutch auction listed on Seaport, and the price will decrease over the liquidation period. This figure should also be specified in 101810^{18} format.