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🧪 Astaria Beta - Light side vs. dark side

Welcome to the Astaria Beta battle! In this game, players are randomly divided into three teams: the Light Side, the Dark Side, and the Dithers. Lights and Darks must convince Dithers players to join their respective teams through the power of cunning and guile. Lights and Darks earn points by performing actions on Astaria, such as borrowing and repaying loans and triggering liquidations.

Gameplay Rules:

  1. Team Formation: Players are randomly assigned to either the Light Side, the Dark Side, or the Dithers team at the start of the game.
  2. Epochs: Each round of gameplay will be based on a 1-week epoch for a total of 5 epochs.
  3. Darks and Lights can earn extra points by convincing Dithers to join their respective teams.
  4. All unsigned users can choose a team at any epoch. The later you choose, the more points you contribute to your team, however, joining early means you can actively contribute more. Choose wisely.
  5. The team with the most points in each epoch wins the epoch, the overall winner is the team with the most epoch points. Points table below.
  6. At the end of the game, 1st prize to the winning team, 2nd prize to the runner up and absolutely nothing will go to the Dithers (make a choice).

How to participate:

Holders of the LSD token have been having a bad trip of late - time to turn that ship around. Holders of the LSD token will be given a chance to claim an updated NFT and be assigned to one of the three teams.

For users, terms will be written against those NFTs on the Astaria platform. The expectation is that users will take out a loan as a tester and repay the loan at the end of the epoch. The goal is to gather as much user feedback from testers as possible.

If you have not gotten an LSD token and would still like to participate, after each epoch, all accounts that have not claimed their NFT will lose access to the NFT and we will recycle available NFTs to those that have signalled interest. Keep an eye out in Discord and our Docs for more information.

Additional Information

The LSD token and its recreations are used for the sole purpose of testing in the Astaria ecosystem. All loans and terms against the NFTs are not valuations themselves, instead are designed for users to test the platform during our Beta testing phase. Users that don’t repay their loans and get liquidated will lose their tokens as if it would be a normal liquidation. Users that claim their NFT and don't do anything with them are messing it up for their team. Each team is responsible for making sure they are operating at peak performance.

Points Table per Epoch

Take out a loanBy simply taking out a loan you will earn points for your team.1 point per new loan
Repaying loansFor all loans that are taken out and fully repaid, you earn bonus points.5 additional points per repaid loan
Buy a liquidated assetUsers that buy liquidations on expired loans. Needs to be from the same account that holds the LSD.8 points per trigger
Dithers team joinerIf you convince an unassigned team member to join your team you earn points based on then epoch they joined.Epoch 1: 0, Epoch 2: 2, Epoch 3: 4, Epoch 4: 6, Epoch 5: 8.