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Astaria Beta Launch announcement

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NFT liquidity station

We are excited to announce the upcoming beta launch of Astaria, an innovative on-chain NFT lending platform designed to provide a seamless experience for DeFi users. Astaria's protocol features a unique three-actor model, which ensures instant liquidity, competitive yields, and dynamic loan terms. Before we dive into the platform's features, let's explore the details of our beta launch.

What to Expect for Beta

UI and design language sneak peak

Astaria's beta testing phase will consist of closed and open stages. During the closed beta, we will utilize the $LSD NFT collection created by our team to test the platform. Any holder of the $LSD NFT can borrow 0.1 ETH against their token during the closed beta, funded by Astaria. To participate, ensure you have provided your address to our team.

Holders of the $LSD token previously head over to our claims page to claim the eligible NFT. The important thing to note about the $LSD token is that will only be used as a testing token. Attached to the token is a community-based game. Winners of the game will have their bad trip $LSD turn into a good trip. See the following details about the game.

If you are interested in testing the platform and are not a holder of the $LSD token, reach out to the team on Discord to be enrolled in the closed beta.

Astaria’s closed beta will also feature a friendly competition between teams of borrowers. Users borrowing against their NFTs will be assigned to one of three groups: Darks, Lights, and Dithers. Teams score points through successful borrowing and repayment of loans. Dithers can choose between Darks and Lights, and the team with the most points at the end of the beta period will be declared the winner. Please see our docs for more details.

Beta Objectives

Collection support

The primary goal of the closed beta is to test the protocol's functionality with a trusted group in a low-stakes environment. Upon completion of the closed beta, we will transition to an open beta stage, inviting the broader NFT community to test our platform using mainstream NFTs.

We will actively monitor the protocol throughout the beta phase and encourage user feedback. Your input will be invaluable in refining and enhancing Astaria.

Launch features

Astaria stands apart from other lending protocols due to its innovative approach and features tailored to the needs of the NFT and DeFi markets. Astaria's core features include:

  1. Instant liquidity: No more time-consuming bid-and-ask negotiations. Choose from any (or multiple) loan terms for your NFTs offered by our expert Strategists.

  2. Competitive yields and loan terms: Strategists compete for capital from liquidity providers and utilization from borrowers, ensuring both parties have access to competitive market rates.

  3. No forced liquidations: Borrowers can only be liquidated if their loan expires with outstanding debt. Astaria eliminates forced liquidations on price changes, protecting borrowers from turbulent markets.

Roadmap features

The Astaria team is hard at work extending the protocol to offer the best NFT lending experience on the market. Expect innovative new features such as flash actions throughout the coming months.

We are eager to embark on this journey with you all and look forward to the impact Astaria will have on the world of NFT lending. Join us as we revolutionize the NFT lending landscape with the launch of Astaria's beta.

Join us

We are eager to embark on this journey and look forward to the impact Astaria will have on the world of NFT lending. Join us as we revolutionize the NFT lending landscape with the launch of Astaria's beta.

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